Roy Kennedy, Ph.D.

Dr. Roy Kennedy is the Director of Music Therapy at The University of Georgia where he teaches courses in music therapy and music education and conducts music therapy and music education research. He holds the Ph.D. in Music Education with an emphasis in music therapy from the University of Kansas, a Master’s Degree in Music Education from East Carolina University and a Bachelor’s of Music in performance from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Some of Dr. Kennedy’s research interests include the following topics: guitar pedagogy for music therapists; using music therapy techniques to teach English as a Second Language to Kindergarten and middle school students; music therapy in treating adults with substance abuse problems; and the transfer of skills from small group music therapy settings to the general music education classroom for students with developmental disabilities. Dr. Kennedy has been an invited lecturer and presenter on these and other topics at college music therapy degree programs and music therapy conferences in Brazil, South Korea, and Costa Rica. He serves on the Research Committee for the Southeastern Region of the American Music Therapy Association.