David Akombo

David Akombo is a Diversity Fellow at Weber State University where he has taught music education and world music courses since fall 2007. Intrigued by the peculiarities of music including the interdisciplinary studies of music in medical and psychological practices, Dr. Akombo has studied and researched the effects of music on children and young adults both in schools and in hospitals. As scholar and performer, Dr. Akombo balances his research interests amicably as a music educator, ethnomusicologist, composer and singer/drummer, having worked in Africa and Southeast Asia where he studied with Balinese artists. His books, Music and Healing Across Cultures (Ames,Iowa: Culicidae Press, 2006) and Music and Medicine: Connections Found (Seaburn, 2009) unfold the mechanics of the relationships between music, culture, physiological and spiritual states in people from the anthropological and epistemological inquiry regarding from music healing and the cosmos. The books show the power of music and its ability to promote mind/body coordination. Before Dr. Akombo joining Weber State University, Dr. Akombo worked jointly with the University of Florida’s Center for Arts in Healthcare Research and Education (CAHRE) with whom he collaborated to help establish the Arts in Medicine (AIM) program in Nairobi, Kenya. Located at Mater Hospital and funded by the State of Florida Center for Cultural Affairs in Tallahassee, this is the first known Arts in Medicine program to be established in Africa. Dr. Akombo continues to be active in music education research, world music and he has spoken and conducted clinics in many states and is a member of the Music Educators National Conference, the Utah Music Educators Association, American Music Therapy Association, Society for Ethnomusicology, and Society for the Arts in Healthcare. Dr. Akombo is a co-founder of the Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine and its 2011 Inaugural Conference Chair.

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