2015 Conference Abstracts

Akombo, D. African drumming for your health (Workshop)
Akombo, D. Effects of music listening on pain perception in cancer patients: A review of literature
Azoubel, J. “Ruído Rosa”(Brazilian Dance and Music)
Botha, M. Perfectionism, academic motivation, and performance anxiety in South African university music students
Campbell, M. E. Mandala, music, and recovery
Cochren, W. Spiritual healing and exorcism: Music as a catalyst in sacred space
Culp, M. E.
Guerriero, A. M.
A qualitative investigation of speech-language pathologists’ and music educators’ techniques
Culp, M. E. The relationship between phonological awareness and music aptitude
Dunbar, L. The effect of music on impulsivity in college undergraduate students with attention deficits
Eyre, L.
Hunt, A.
Research results and reflections: The effect of music-imagery and art on professional burnout
George, M. Appraising emotions post raga intervention: The ability of ragas in managing mood states
George, M. Raga therapy: The Indian music therapy, treatment with ragas
Goss, C. Flutes: Health and healing
Harvey, A. Music Rx: Journey of exploration and explanation (Workshop)
Jackowicz, S. A web of resonance: An examination of Chinese bell therapy
Kelly, C. R. Sacred Scale music to treat disorders related to pain, anxiety and depression
Kennedy, R. Carolyn Graham’s jazz chants
Kruse, D. Musical cognition, emotion, and imagery: Ear worms
Lipford, K. J.
Akombo, D.
The effects of music on pain perception in patients with Sickle Cell disease
Miller, L.
Wall, B.
Music improvisation bring soul in the hospital setting
Miller, E. B. Bio-Guided music therapy: Live jamming for health with real-time physiological data
Nelson, K. Analysis and recommendations for teaching students with dyslexia
Ramos, K A. S.
Suárez, E. R.
The drum set and cerebral palsy, motor and affective psychological development
Reilly, J.
Milroy, M.
Sound healing frontiers: Cymatherapy meets electrophotonic imaging
Eguchi, R.
Brown, T.
Budden, L.
Cho, J.
Chik, D.
Kim, H.
Miller, E.
Shanagher, C.
Student Projects in music therapy and physiology: Fall 2013 Montclair State University
Saltiel, L. Music improvisation skills: Therapeutic tools for resource development in clinical practice
Smith, M. Group music therapy and mindfulness towards self-awareness and empathy development in children: A mixed methods pilot study
Suh, N.
Kennedy, R.
The effects of music therapy and music education on the quality of life of the healthy elderly people
Thomae, L. Drumming in the dark: Integrating music therapy interventions with traditional healing practices in hospice care
Thorne, A.
Cromer, D.
Kim, H. M.
Middlebrooks, K.
Lowry, M.
Kennedy, R.
Renzi, L.
Hammond, B.
The influence of piano training on verbal memory in healthy older adults
Tileston, P. That’s music to my ears: The sound of laughter
Upshaw, A. Battles of wounded me: An autoethnographic cantata
Yun, P.
Kennedy, R.
Effects of cancer patients listening to their preferred music on claustrophobia, anxiety, and nausea during radiation treatment

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