2013 Conference Abstracts

Akombo, D. Music, mind and brain: A systematic review of literature on psychomusicology
Balbag, A. Music as a protective factor against dementia and cognitive impairment: A twin study
Bugos, J. The effects of marimba ensemble on self-efficacy and memory performance in older adults
Carucci, C. The effects of group music making on salivary cortisol, secretory immunoglobin-A, and positive affect
Cornelius, S. Music and health: A phenomenological approach
Cornelius, S. Performing African music and dance
Crow, D. A. The effect of instrumental rehearsal on blood glucose levels of five low brass players
Doman, A.
Arimany, N.
Allen, S.
Cross-cultural sound and music: A novel rhythmic approach for improving brain function
Fanning, E.
Peterson, K.
The effects of live, bedside music on observed patient conditions
Goss, C. F. Intraoral pressure in ethnic wind instruments
Harvey, A. W. Understanding the science of music as an Rx for stress
Jackowicz, S. The sound and the fury: An historical analysis of sound and music in traditional Chinese medical culture
Kelly, C. R.
MacKinley, J.
The sacred scale for healing
Kennedy, R. Beginnings of music therapy in Costa Rica
Miller, E. B. Physiological effects of the Native American flute
Miller, E. B. Bio-guided music therapy: Integrating music & real-time physiological data in treatment
Miller, L. SpiritArts, music improvisation and spirituality: Bringing soul in the hospital setting
Mozeiko, K. The effects of participation in the Alexander Technique on female violinists and violists: A mixed methods study
Nascimento, T.
Leao, E
Understanding students with special needs in a musical experience – A research-action with procedures that took place in the workshop space – Therapeutic and educational space in Uberlandia – MG – Brazil
Nelson, K. Successful strategies of individuals with Dyslexia in the field of music: A comparative case study
Painter, A. R. A review of current research of music and movement in pediatrics
Suárez, E. R.
Ramirez, M. A.
Asperger Syndrome within music education in Puerto Rico
Thorne, A.
Smith, S. H.
Meadows, E.
Livsey, J.
Shon, W. D.
Jutras, P.
Kennedy, R.
Renzi, L.
Hammond, B. R.
The influence of piano training on neural and cognitive functioning in older adults

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